- ICO / IEO  , Initial coin offering and Initial  Exchange Offering -

The ICO is a Initial coin offering, that enables the flotation of the token for raising money to build the token business.

The ICO needs a white paper of the business model, a token issuance, and a smart contract. 

The ICO is an easy coin issuance and offering on a  short term operation that can last three to six months, available on ICO platforms with a limited time offering.

The ICO coin needs to be listed on an exchange platform (one or many), that offers to holders a way to watch the rate, thus to exchange the coin, buy and sell it, which was the main reason of their investment. 

The IEO  is an exchange coin offering that stands in issuing the coin, operates the flotation of the initial coin offering and lists the coin on the exchange platform. This enables the coin or the token to be available for trading and exchange immediately, also the platform can guarantee the liquidity of the token versus other tokens or any other currency if allowed. 

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