Crypto Generator

                                                        - We create your own token -

Your business can be powered by your own  blockchain token. it is your loyalty program, it is your own currency for your customers, it is your new way to raise money with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO

Your token enables your AIR DROP , your ICO and your loyalty program.

For ICO or IEO matters, for any other project as loyalty program, or any innovative idea we will be very pleased to create your own BRAND name and Token.

- The delivery is 48 to 72 hours  

- Cost Is 1500 € / or 1800 $

- We deliver from 2 to 16 decimal

- INDEX up to 8 letters

- Owner Address / and Contract Address

- Users  public Address and wallet 

- Your ERC20 token is compliant with all ERC20 wallets .

Crypto Generator